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7 Figure Summit: Tales from the Top 🌟

In a world bustling with entrepreneurial stories, we noticed a void. There were countless tales of startups and early struggles, but what about those who've reached the coveted 7-figure mark? What were their battles, their learnings, their moments of doubt and triumph? 7 Figure Summit: Tales from the Top was born out of a desire to spotlight these trailblazers, to share the unheard chronicles of those who’ve made it to the summit. It's not just about the destination, but the journey – the tales from the top.

Hello fellow go-getters,

I'm Scott Bywater, and for over two decades, I've been swimming in the depths of marketing and copywriting, helping hundreds scale their ventures to dizzying heights. From nail-biting email product launches to strategizing mammoth events, I've seen it all.

And now, I want to hear YOUR story.

Introducing, 7 Figure Summit: Tales from the Top - the podcast spotlighting the journeys of the world's elite entrepreneurs. We're talking gritty challenges, pivotal decisions, and the moments that defined your path to the 7-figure club.

📈 Are You Our Next Guest?

  • Location: No borders. Whether you're from sunny California or bustling Tokyo, we're all ears.

  • Title: You're the CEO, Owner, or Entrepreneur at the helm of your ship.

  • Industry: We're industry-agnostic. What matters is the journey, not just the domain.

  • Revenue? You've hit that golden mark: $1 million or more annually.

What’s in it for You?

Legacy: This is your platform to share, inspire, and leave an indelible mark. Network: Connect with fellow million-dollar entrepreneurs from around the globe. Growth: Being on our podcast places you in front of an audience of like-minded leaders, fostering collaborations.

❌ Kind Note: Our platform seeks stories from those at the frontline of their ventures.

Your voice. Your story. Unfiltered.

If your journey embodies the grit, tenacity, and spirit of entrepreneurship, and you're excited to share your insights, we're all ears. Dive into this opportunity and apply here to be featured on 7 Figure Summit.

To the top and beyond,

Scott Bywater

With Your Host,

Scott Bywater

Episodes Coming Soon!

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